About Us
As a home owner or property investor your financial reward should be Flexible. Passive. Secure. & Maximised.
Yesbnb brings to you the promise of a perfect partnership - we value your business as much as you value your home. We are a premier letting management service provider offering customised homes for short-term stays to our guests. Through collaborating with us, you can enter into a mutually beneficial partnership with our guests, that's financially rewarding!

Yesbnb is seeking partnerships with Sydney home owners and investors
Whether your property is vacant for a few months or you are looking to increase your investment yield, partner with us to gain a mutually financial and beneficial relationship. To be financially rewarded with your property and have flexible terms when you are away, List Your Property with Yesbnb Today!
Why Us
Here Are Three Things That Makes Us Special
We not only market your holiday rental, but also uphold the properties of home owners or investors in the most presentable manner, creating a remarkable difference in our letting management business offering. Our uniqueness lies in our value systems that we have built up with every step, through the following three special qualities:
Our Partnership
We understand, as a home owner, your need of flexible commercial terms, hassle free but secure and passive income from your investment. At Yesbnb, we leave no room for complaints. Our commitment is to give first priority to solving your needs. Teamed up with our sister company Ancorpoint, our customised assistance will keep making constant upgrades to our highly profitable partnership.
Our Designer Touch
When D'cruz won the prestigious award for their brilliance in interior design for high-end commercial and residential projects, we had to collaborate with them. With their expertise and eye for detail they open doors to a classier and visually stimulating way of living for our guests. D'cruz add immense value to any property and bring the best return on investment in the long run, which you as a home owner will not want to miss.
Our Access To
The Chinese Market
China is now the second most coveted Australian tourism market next to New Zealand. At Yesbnb, with our bilingual capabilities and years of domestic and internationally marketing expertise in penetrating the Chinese market, we have paved the way for Home Owners and Investors to have complete access to this market. Our partnerships with global sites as AirBNB and influential Chinese overstay websites has opened doors to this desirable market.
Our Services
At Yesbnb, we treasure every property as our own. With a team that boasts years of experience in property management and general marketing, our 6 Steps service are designed to keep every possible way to maximise flexibility of every commercial term, minimise hassles and ensure healthier ROI.
Our Properties
At Yesbnb, we value your business as much as you value your home. Without going beyond your budget, we follow a customised approach towards imparting a unique personality to your properties in line with their origin, ensuring your properties are given a touch of class and visual brilliance by our design partners. Your property will be maintained meticulously by our cleaning and maintenance team who treat these properties like shrines.

Clients Satisfied
Project Commpleted
At Yesbnb we are believers that if you have a vision for a better future, our goal and expertise is to do what is necessary to make it happen. Just reach out to us to get a valuation on potential increased weekly rentals obtained through short term rental channels. Or if you are seeking more channels to advertise your properties and receive hassle free assistance to manage your property with the best return on investment we would be pleased to hear from you.
L2, 10 King St Rockdale NSW 2216